Mr. Tatkenhorst: New to BLHS


Written by: Allison Crist, Reporter

You’ve probably passed him in the hallways, but maybe you weren’t too sure who this new face was. Well, his name is Mr. Tatkenhorst and he’s new to both BLHS and the social studies department. Additionally, he is now the varsity basketball coach. Many are aware that he teaches US history and World History, freshman and sophomore classes; however, there is much more to him.

Tatkenhorst attended Natoma High School and went on to Pratt Community College before he transferred to Bethany College. He seems very happy with the choice he made to go into social studies. “It’s all about life, our government and people. I feel like I’m teaching something new each day,” he said.

Sophomore Lindsey Schubert is in his World History class. “I like how straightforward he is. We take notes and he shows us videos. I like the visualness,” Schubert said, “If anything stands out to me about him, it’s that he’s a great speaker.” Additionally, they never have too much homework.

Despite his interest in social studies, Tatkenhorst actually has a degree in physical education. “I’m not very talented in art or music. P.E. would be nice to teach, however,” he said. Tatkenhorst seems to have a great love for sports, which is probably one of the reasons he is the new coach for girls varsity basketball.

Interestingly, his wife works here at Basehor-Linwood as well. “We’ve done it before at Great Bend. Everything is great about it. Although I can’t get away with anything.” He  said as he laughed. When it comes to children, he has three boys; twins in eighth grade and a third-grader. “They like it here just as much as I do,” said Tatkenhorst.

BLHS seems to be treating him well so far. “The faculty and students have been great. The staff has done a good job at answering any questions I’ve had. The students have been very motivated to learn.” However, every school has its faults. Of the 7:40 start time, he said, “I highly doubt there’s any schools who start their day before us.”

The new teacher also seems to enjoy OPPA, the new lunch system. Compared to the lunches he had at his old school, these seem to be more satisfying. “The food actually tastes real. It’s not bland at all.”

It seems that Mr. Tatkenhorst is having a great start here at Basehor-Linwood. It is to be hoped that he has a great experience these next few school years as both a teacher and coach.