Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow


    A little work each day comes a long way. Mikayla Schad, 17, and Liz Morris, 16, have been dancing together at Graves Talent Dance Studio in Tonganoxie, Kansas for about 11 months now. Mikayla has been dancing since she was one year old and Morris has been dancing since the age of 8.

    Their journey dancing together began when Liz first joined Graves Talent last June. From the beginning, the two knew they would be great as partners in the same age group.

    “The first time I ever met Mikayla, she suggested I begin at her studio. During the beginning of summer she kept nagging at me to start there, so I finally decided I would. It ended up being an awesome decision because Mikayla and I actually ended up becoming best friends,” Liz said, reminiscing about last summer. Not only did Liz get to begin doing what she loves at a new professional studio, she also gained a close friend.

    Since Liz started at Graves’, she has performed in two recitals and one dance competition: regionals. The rules of professional dance competition states that you have to have had at least three years of professional dancing before competing; however, Liz had only danced for eight months when she competed. A little work each day comes a long way, according to Mikayla.

    “I was reluctant when Liz first started but she changed my mind completely after the first few months. I’m glad to say I have been a role model to her and I’ve helped her gradually increase her talent throughout the months we have been dancing together,” Mikayla said.

    Eleven short months after Liz began at Graves’, the two girls found out that they will soon be heading on to nationals in Dallas, Texas this summer. They have been working tremendously hard to reach their goals and are sure to perform magnificently at nationals.

    “If I could say one thing about dance,” Liz said, “it would be to never doubt yourself in the beginning because with a little bit of hard work you’re bound to get better. I definitely never thought I would be in the position I am in now; my hard work paid off.”