Softball Season in Review


Written by: Mitchell Mikinski

Expectations for the BLHS softball team were low heading into this season, having lost a group of seniors which had placed third at state one year and were champions another. The loss of these seniors laid the foundation for the lower-than-usual expectations that the Ladycats had when they entered the season. But the Ladycats showed class and resilience throughout the adversity and proved doubters wrong with their 14-5 regular season record.

    Kali Jacobson, varsity freshman saw the adversity up close and personal this year. But, Kali said “The team became very close…like sisters to me.” A feat that is especially impressive considering at the beginning of the year Jacobson said they “didn’t really love each other.” That changed throughout the season, as the team endured the loss of several people close to them: Coach Nutter in the summer, and Mama Mayberry and classmate Shealyn Hayes in April. They came together and became a family. This team bonding Kali said was her “favorite part…It brought the team closer.”

    Kali also stressed that the girls didn’t do it alone. Coach Mayberry was an integral leader to the season, which included a regional win along with numerous double-digit victories. “Mayberry is a great coach, and a great motivational speaker and always made you laugh, Sometimes it was intentional and sometimes it wasn’t.” The humor was appreciated by a team harried by emotional pain the entire year.

Their managers also were a bright spot for the team. Kali raved, “We love our managers, we absolutely love them!” Kali continued “Reece has the absolute best dance moves!” she tried to hold back giggles while talking about them.

The Ladycats lost to Bonner Springs in the last game of the season. “It was the best game we played this season,” Jacobson said. They finished the season 15-6 overall. Kali said her favorite game of the season was the emotional game after Shea passed away. “Everyone wore purple, even Bonner (the opposing team).” Even in a season marred with adversity, the team found many ways to shine bright like a diamond. (pun intended)