Endless Love Movie Review

For you people that enjoy watching sappy, romantic, and warm movies, Endless Love is the movie you want to see. This is a great movie to drag your boyfriend to or to see with your best girl friends, for you all can sit in the movie theatre and cry over how beautiful Alex Pettyfer is and how you all don’t have boyfriends. It would be an excellent bonding experience. Trust me, I’ve already experienced it.

To get on with my review, the movie Endless Love stars the well-known hunk, Alex Pettyfer, who many of you have seen in I Am Number Four and of coarse the unforgettable Magic Mike. By his side, a new face to the screen is Gabriella Wilde. In this film Alex plays a poor, troubled, and wreckless teenage boy named David Elliot, who falls in love with a wealthy, quiet, and sheltered girl named Jade Butterfield. As their affection grows stronger for each other, so does the disapproval of Jade’s father, Hugh Butterfield, who is played by Bruce Greenwood. Hugh is not fond of David because of his past, therefore, making him do everything in his power to keep him away from his daughter.

As the movie continues the events throughout the film grow more and more intense and better yet more suspenseful. Who would of guessed that to happen in a romantic movie? There are many twists and turns that will keep you on your feet for the question of how far Jade’s father will go to separate his daughter from David is shocking. To find out what happens all it takes is your wallet, a bag of popcorn, and a movie ticket to see Endless Love. You won’t be disappointed.