Third Presidential Debate Recap

Wednesday night, the third and final presidential debate happened on the University of Nevada – Las Vegas stage. Moderated by Chris Wallace, a Fox News anchor, the debate included only the two major-party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Wallace was widely praised for holding candidates to statements, and asking tough, heavy hitting questions that both candidates struggled with.

    On the topic of abortion, Clinton cemented her stance on Roe v. Wade, a landmark court decision that gives women the right to get an abortion, saying that the ‘government has no business in that choice’. On the other side of the stage, Trump played to the emotions of the audience, highlighting abortion procedures he deemed ‘not acceptable’, such as ninth month abortions.

    Wallace then moved towards the subject of immigration, a divisive line in the sand for these two candidates. Trump affirmed his viewpoint, saying that we need strong borders, and that ‘we have no country if we have no borders’. Clinton responded by hitting on the fact that four million children of immigrants that are here in the U.S. with their illegal parents. She did, however, talk about a need to deport violent criminals over our southern border, still a sharp contrast to Trump’s sweeping deportation program.

    Trump then hit her hard with Clinton’s past voting for a Secure Fence Bill, a bill designed to introduce a physical barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border akin to his wall plan. Wallace also asked Clinton about her call for open borders, a point which she deflected into talking about the Russian hacks, something that Trump called her out on, playing moderator for a second.

    Trump was asked about whether he would accept the results of the election, he said he would wait and see what happens in November, a response that he gained a lot of criticism for.

    A big point on the night was the ‘Fitness To Be President’ topic, where Trump was grilled on his claims of sexual assault and the numerous women that have come forward to incriminate him about those claims were highlighted.

    Conversely, Clinton was hit on her email scandal, and the Clinton Foundation mishaps. She also had a few words for the lack of political experience he had.

    “We went after Bin Laden while you were filming Celebrity Apprentice,” Clinton said.

    Overall, while there were brief moments of civility, the debate was nothing new from the past two, with neither Trump nor Clinton shaking hands with each other at the end.