Oklahoma Shooter Killed After 8 Days

police-tapeAccording to CNN.com Michael Vance, a 38 year old who lived in Oklahoma, was caught by Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander who pulled Vance over, then was shot in the left forearm and shoulder at 9:30 AM. Forty-five minutes later, he was caught again by a Oklahoma highway patrol officer. Shots were fired and he was killed in the shootout on October 31st. He was running from the police since October 23rd. Originally, he went on the run after he shot two police officers. They then returned fire and shot him at least twice and killed two relatives. He got away in a police patrol car and went on the lam from the police. After that, he got on Facebook live and bragged about his alleged crimes and said he will commit more violence. After that, the police believe that he shot a woman to steal a Lincoln Town Car. Then, he went to a house, where he killed those two relatives. After that, the police got a search warrant, and searched the house. They found a pink T-shirt which they believe is the one he was wearing when he shot the Facebook video. He was camping out in Hammon, Okla., about 150 miles away from the crimes in Wellston, Okla. on Sunday. he escaped in his car again and got away from the police. So, in conclusion Michael Vance got in a shootout with a highway patrol officer and was killed on Sunday, October 31st.