Students Compete in National Dance Competition


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Over this past summer, junior Liz Morris and senior Mikayla Schad achieved greatness.

After spending 20 or more hours per week choreographing dances and rehearsing over and over again, the two girls took a trip to Arlington, Texas in early July to attend Showbiz Dance Nationals.

    “Showbiz is the fourth best competition, which means it is a lot harder, more complex and larger than most of the other competitions we go to,” Liz said.

    Some may think that competing in big competitions like that would be stressful and nerve -wracking, but the girls have a difference in opinion. Due to the fact that Mikayla has been dancing since she was able to walk, competing nationals was a breeze for her. She was more excited than any other emotion. Although it was her first time at nationals as a teen, it wasn’t her first time on a stage in front of a crowd and judges.

    “By that point, I had already performed so many solos that I just didn’t even get nervous. I was excited and ready to be on stage performing in front of a huge audience and serious judges,” Mikayla said. Liz, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.

“I was so nervous to mess up,” she said, “but I was excited as well. I waited a year to finally be on that stage giving my all. You can’t get too overly excited, though, because you’ll forget the steps.”

Going to nationals was a great experience for both of the girls. They were anxious and excited at the same time. Luckily nationals didn’t end up being any different than they had expected. With all the precise dance steps and numbers that they had to memorize and practice every day, they were ready to give it their best.

    Both girls remarked that if there was anything they would’ve done differently, it would be that they practiced just a little more. However, in the end, all of their practice and constructive criticism from their dance instructor and peers paid off. After performing a total of 14 dances combined, they were rewarded with firsts in all of their numbers.

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