Assassin Takes over BLHS


Keegan Gore eliminates his target Katie Hickman with the help of her own friend.

Thanks to senior Zach Crouss, students have been caught up in the game of “Assassin.” The game has been played at other high schools around the nation for years. In assassin, every person is assigned a target that they have to eliminate by the use of a water gun, or any other water based tool.

The elimination continues until there is one person left.

Before beginning the game, each person was required to pay $5. Half of everyone’s buy in will go towards Project Grad while the rest goes to the winner.

This Saturday is the deadline for everyone to eliminate at least one person. If students fail to do so, they will be eliminated.

In Assassin, an attack could happen anywhere, at anytime; however, the game cannot be played on school grounds, including the parking lot.

As of today, there are 29 fallen comrades. They include the following, in chronological order: Luke McGowan, Preston Judd, Ariana Olivia, Quinn Walcott, Natalie Holmes, Carlie Holmes, Kenzi Phippen, Jesse Smallwood, Cullen Povilonis, Tristan Hayes, Julia Stevens, Ryan Potter, Makayla Weiser, Kyle Nutter, Sierra Smith, Courtney Norris, Katie Hickman, Boston Henry, Ryder Reed, Rachel Eberth, Garrett Seuser, Clayton Kaminski, Jeff Storms, Lindsey Schubert, Allison Crist, Clay Beebe, Maddy Langford, and Ellen Seaba.

The moderator, Zach Crouss, runs the Twitter account that broadcasts when a person is eliminated from the game.

Some of the more humorous eliminations are described the following ways:

“Jeff Storms assassinated after jumping out of a moving vehicle, causing a massive car pile up in the Panda Express Drive Thru.”

“Sierra Smith was caught up in a heated police standoff in the streets, shot to death through her car window. Her assassin is still at large.”

“Cast party turns to bloodshed as assassins attacked party goers. R.I.P. Makayla Weiser, killed by a grenade while trying to protect Tanner Tavis.”

“R.I.P. Clayton Kaminski, chased for many blocks from his house before he collapsed dead from exhaustion.”

Only time will tell which single student is able to overcome his/her assassins as well as their own targets. Good luck, BLHS assassins!