Single No More

Photo by: Rachael Bell


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With Valentine’s Day being this week, I decided to find two single females and two single males from each class and ask them to take a matchmaking questionnaire.  Based on their answers I matched them up by the number of answers they had that were similar. Some were a little weirded out when they found their match, but others agreed. Below are the questions we asked them. Check out these pictures of perfect matches! <3

1. Favorite feature in a person?

2. If your life was a candle, you would be…
Burning bright
Flickering in the wind
A puddle of wax

3. The way you get someone to notice you is…
Introduce yourself
Smile and wink
Have a friend to introduce you
Do nothing and hope they introduce themself to you

4. Would you rather…
A. Have a love potion that would make anyone fall in love with you
Have the ability to get straight A’s forever without studying

5. The ideal dinner date location…
Taco Bell
Olive Garden
Picnic in the park
Cheesecake Factory

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