You Will Get Caught


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Everybody has heard of some crazy ways people have tried to cheat on tests. Some people have attempted such ways themselves. Most people think that they’re safe. However, teachers around here know pretty much every way someone might try to cheat. Here’s a Top 15 list of insane ways people have cheated (and all these answers were from BLHS teachers):

Top 15

15) Piece of paper “left out” on the floor

14) Cheating with a note card

13) Writing on the desk

12) Notes inside lid of calculator

11) Writing on skin

10) Equations left in calculator memory

9) Notes hidden on note card or skin beneath shorts or a skirt

8) Notes written on the bill of a hat

7) Post-It Note inside hand

6) Sharing locker combos to share notes, cheat sheets, etc.

5) Notes written on the inside of a gum wrapper

4) Notes taped on the bottom of a shoe

3) Taping a note card to the back of the shirt of the friend sitting in front of you

2) Putting up a fake poster/writing on a poster in the room

1) Twins taking tests for each other

Cheating occurs everywhere. Including in college. But it doesn’t go without consequence. If you get caught in college, you fail the class, and might even get kicked out of the whole school. We’ve got some examples from teachers upon personal knowledge.

In one teacher’s high school Spanish class, a few kids got an idea. Their teacher (though brilliant) didn’t catch on to such plans quickly. After school one day, in preparation for a test, a group of students came into her classroom, took down a ceiling tile, pasted the answers upon it, and put it back up. They say you can’t look to the sky for answers, but apparently you can look to roof tiles.

Another teacher warns not to leave your notes behind. After helping a friend, she left to work on the computers on a project, leaving her things there. About a week after their assignment was turned in, both students were called in. Apparently, this girl’s friend had cheated by copying the whole assignment while she was gone. And even though she didn’t know, both her and her friend were called for cheating, and both almost got kicked out of school.

The point is, cheating isn’t worth your grade, money, and schooling. Teachers know everything, see everything, and have eyes in the backs of their heads. You can’t win, so don’t cheat.