Why I…Haunt


The great unknown, a cold spot in the middle of June, or a chilling urban legend. As human beings we are given a chance to think and wonder beyond what is right in front of us. To some the supernatural is eerie, to others it is poppycock. In the town of Basehor, views can differ radically.

Mack Grimes, a sophomore, opened up to the Express and told a chilling tale:

“It was I think a Wednesday, in elementary school. I was riding the bus and it was crowded. We finally got off to my stop, and I looked out the window and saw a man with cowboy boots, walking across the street. But, when I got off the bus and looked around he wasn’t there… Nothing.”

Could Mack have seen the wandering spirit of a deceased Pony Express rider? For younger riders it was not uncommon for a quick sudden death. In the advertisements for riders, its description warned “Wanted. Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over 18. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred.”

This young man Mack saw, most likely passed on while working the dangerous pony express routes. A swift snake bite or a rouge Native American could have ended his life in a heartbeat.

Was there a message that lingers with the Express rider? one that he will wander the earth with until he can properly deliver it?

Claire Walsh, a level-headed second-year leans towards the possibility of an alternate realm. One that we may never truly understand.

“I believe in the supernatural, the same way that there are certain colors we can’t see. There are beings and planes that we can’t experience, possibly in frequencies too high or too low, that we can’t see or comprehend.”

When asked about people who profit from investigating the supernatural, Claire responded, “I think you should leave it be, I can believe someone can catch glimpses of ghosts. But I don’t think someone should go looking for them.”

But, for those who do want to stare the unknown in the face, I would suggest the sixth grade center as a ghostly location. Legend has it (as told by Mr. Wilburn) that a young girl haunts the staircase.

She was still glowing from a recent prom queen crowning. One day she was walking down the the stairs with a friend of hers, unbeknownst to the prom queen though, her “friend” was jealous of her victory. She took revenge and violently sent the recent victor crashing down the stairs.

Do the spirits that live in our very own town of Basehor carry spite? or are they simply confused as they wander dark halls, looking for the light? Either way, we may never really know why they remain. Why they linger around the living. Why they haunt.