Science Teacher Finds Home at Basehor-Linwood


Daniel Smalley, a science teacher at Basehor-Linwood High School, has led an interesting life. Since he grew up in a time without today’s technology, he often would resort to nature in order to find his entertainment.

He does not dress as one would expect when they are so “in sync” with nature, either. He wears things such as a blue collared shirt, khaki pants, a light brown belt, dark brown shoes, a blue, argyle tie, a light brown belt, and brown, argyle socks.

He has curly brown hair, a short brown beard, and gray eyes. However, he never stops smiling, and always has a joke ready to cheer anyone up who looks like they need it.

Smalley is very curious about the world. This is only natural for him, because he is, as he says, “super introverted.” He always takes time to look at his surroundings, and to process them. This focused his interest on nature, causing him to establish his bug collection, which contains over 1,000 bugs.

This bond with nature goes back further than just current days. As far back as he can remember, Smalley has had an interest in nature. He would flip over rocks just to see bugs, and this was endorsed by his parents. He would not only play outdoors for the natural sights, he would also use his imagination.

Mr. Smalley lived in a developing community and was very much a “’90s kid.” He would often take advantage of his community’s development, and, somehow, there were many wasp nests for him to shoot fireworks at. This, of course, caused him to be stung many times.

Smalley’s bonds were not only with nature, but he also has made human bonds. One of these bonds is with another one of our school’s teachers, journalism teacher Kristen Loney He has known her since kindergarten. In fact, they used to carpool to school.

She also put in a good word for him when he was applying for his current job. This shows that the bond that these two had formed back in kindergarten has been kept going all of these years. This also is a demonstration of how Smalley stays loyal to his friends.

There is one more thing that Smalley is interested in. He is really interested in technology. He grew up in a time where cell phones were just appearing, along with the Internet, which would whir and buzz when starting up.

Growing up, Smalley was very interested in one computer game in particular. This game is part of a series still going today, with the latest installment being “Harthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.” The one that he was interested in, however, was “Warcraft,” and this one was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

Smalley has a very interesting life, which is being lived out to the fullest in his current job in the science department, where he continues to grow in conjunction with those around him.