Students Draw the United States


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We all live here in the United States, a place of freedom and pride. While this may not be the common view, and some may despise the states, we all are pretty sure that we know it. Some of us may not know it quite as well as we think we do, however.

That is what happened to Jeda French, Jonny Trowbridge, Kory Jerome, and Jamilee Malinowski when I asked them to draw a map for me. The results probably weren’t what they were expecting. Refer back to this map to compare with their drawings:

Jeda French

Jeda French is a freshman at BLHS. When I asked her to draw a map, she was pretty hesitant, but she said that she thought that she would probably do “pretty good.” After drawing her map, she still seemed like she felt pretty confident in herself, and in her drawing.


Jonny Trowbridge

Jonny Trowbridge is a sophomore at BLHS. When I asked him to draw a map, he was probably the most confident out of all of the people that I asked. He specifically said that he thought that he would get his drawing “spot on.” After drawing, he said that he got it “almost spot on” with just as much enthusiasm as before the drawing.


Kory Jerome

Kory Jerome is a junior at BLHS. When I asked him to draw a map he got out a printed map. I told him that wasn’t allowed, and he proceeded to demand the rules. When he found out there weren’t any official rules, he drew his map off of the one in the agenda and told me that he thought he did good. Really Good.


Jamilee Malinowski

Jamilee Malinowski is a senior at BLHS. When I asked her to draw a map, she almost refused me outright. After we got past that, however, she told me that she thought that she would do “pretty good.” After drawing her map she didn’t think that she did the greatest.