Cobra Command Crossfit Opens in Basehor

Vince Bertucci is a committed man. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the ex-collegiate wrestler, who muses over his past of cutting weight for tournaments, would one day live to teach others how to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle. As a sports pedagogy major, he’d been exposed to health and fitness techniques throughout his time in college.

But when Bertucci graduated, he felt a sense of loss. There were no more prepared workouts, NCAA caliber weight rooms, or strength coaches. All he had was a wealth of knowledge on a subject he loved and a fierce competitive spirit.

It was at about this time that a friend of his mentioned CrossFit. CrossFit was different than the 24 hour fitness centers that he’d become accustomed to working out in since graduation. CrossFit didn’t just give him structure, it gave him the accountability, rigor, and challenge he demanded. From that moment onward, he was hooked.

Bertucci began doing odd jobs at his Box (CrossFit Lingo for gym) and became an active member of his gym, but after moving to Basehor last year on the suggestion of his friend Ross Schwisow, the commute to his gym became too taxing.

His commute conundrum, combined with a problem with the “Fitness Community” in Basehor, prompted a grand vision to take shape: a Box that preached “accountability and safety” in a town where no other gym did. Cobra Command was born.