The Stress of Enrollment


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Every year, during the month of January, the time comes around again to select classes for next coming school year. For some students, this time of year brings more stress than they’d like to have. Other students take it with a grain of salt, and move along.

One said example of those who are stress free is Alex Teeters. He said that he doesn’t have too much to worry about, it’s just all the signatures and questions he has to ask that bother him.

Alex will be taking two math classes, an English class, government and economics both, band and jazz band, French, and one class which he hasn’t decided on yet.

Benjamin Dewitt says that he has no worries when it comes to enrollment this year. Perhaps previous years brought him problems, but this year is different.

“Absolutely not,” Ben said when asked if enrollment brought him stress. “I was actually looking around for classes like, ‘what do I need these classes for?’”

A lot of this year’s juniors are going into their senior year with few core classes left to take. Some take to things such as Care Cats or being an aide, others opt for senior release, and some still are using their free space to choose more entertaining classes, or ones that will help them in their career of choice.

Freshman finally have one year of classes under their belts heading out towards their sophomore year. Enrollment still holds heavy weight for them, as it does for most outgoing sophomores this year.

Of course, seniors this year are going to be doing their own set of enrollment. They now have to worry about where they’re going to college, what they’re going for, and how they’re going to do it. That’s a whole new type of stress and worry for them.

All things considered, enrollment shouldn’t be such a stressful time. The counselors are there to help you, that’s what they’re for. Look through the Enrollment Guide booklet, figure out what classes you need to achieve the diploma you want.  Follow the path of the classes that are lined out in order. From Algebra I, the next class is Geometry, then comes Algebra II, and so on and so forth.

The moral of the story is, take it one step at a time. Take high school one year at a time. Take each day one class at a time. Take each class one assignment at a time. In the end, all the stress will fade, and everyone will be right back at it again, one year at a time.