Stars & Strips Launches in Basehor

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Stars & Strips Launches in Basehor


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In August of 2015, a new establishment opened in the strip malls along Pinehurst Drive. That business was named Stars & Stripes Billiards, and to its owner Kyle Hampton, the name has a special meaning behind it.   

Hampton moved to Basehor after 20 years of moving from state to state. Both he and his brother were members of the United States military, and when he finally settled down and left the service, he followed his parents and the rest of his family to the Basehor area.

I moved out here to be with the rest of my whole family,” Hampton said. It was then that the empty lot in the strip mall got the chance to become a quite interesting business.

“I wanted to have a nice bar and a place for people to go that’s clean,” Hampton reflected, and added that he always wanted to have a billiards-bar crossover business. Upon walking into the store, it can be noticed that he’s succeeding with the clean part of his statement.

The business is rather roomy, yet it doesn’t lack in things to do. To the left, pool tables are sprawled out across the floor, with seats towards the back of the room, and the bar at the right, accompanied by a TouchTunes system (where visitors can pay to have any song they want played straight from their smartphone) and a few dartboards.

While there’s no lack of things to do, there’s still plenty of room to maneuver, and the room is by no means cluttered.

One of the best decisions Hampton made was to open his business in Basehor. “I wanted to choose what I felt was a nice, local place in Basehor,” he stated, and it seems he’s gotten exactly that.

Stars & Stripes lives up to the cliche bar standard, where the bartenders know their regular customers by name.

The best part of the place is that Hampton doesn’t just appeal to the over 21 crowd. In fact, he encourages high school students to come hang out at his business in the afternoons.

“They’re always welcome, up until a certain point at night,” Hampton said, suggesting that the only barrier is when the nightlife starts to take over, and more drinking becomes involved. Due to this alcohol, the crowd is more geared to be an over 21 audience.

However, Hampton insists that anyone can come and play and hang out during the day.

Amongst the many services Hampton offers, community involvement is also one of them. Last year, he did a fundraiser for the family of a young Tonganoxie resident killed in a car crash last year.

“You have to kind of try to help wherever you can,” Hampton suggested, and that’s exactly what he accomplishes. “I’m always trying to do stuff to be involved in the community.”

All in all, Kyle Hampton’s Stars & Stripes Billiards is a wonderful, clean place that adults and students from all around the Basehor area, including Basehor-Linwood High School of course, can go to to hang out after a long day at school.

They can play some pool, throw some darts, and listen to some music, all in a welcoming, homely establishment. Hampton first served his country in the Armed Forces, and now he’s serving his community by living his own personal dream.