Michael McEvoy Plans for Future


Michael McEvoy is a hard man to miss around school. Taking part in everything from theatre to cross-country, it’s very likely that you’ll see him around these halls even when school isn’t in session. That being said, there’s a lot to be learned about him. He recently got into cross country, has high aspirations for his post-high school life, and plays ‘a mean game of badminton’.

Being involved in more activities than one can count on a single hand, Michael’s naturally the kind of person with high hopes and solid plans for his life after graduation. Having applied to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University for early decision and accepted, he wants to attend there, Iowa State, Kansas State, or Kansas University in the coming 2017-2018 school year.

“I want to major in biology,” McEvoy says.

Though he keeps an open mind, admitting that biology’s what he’s thinking at the moment, and that all could be subject to change.

Going to college won’t change much for McEvoy, as he wants to stay involved with the pastimes he loves.

I hope to stay in a choir or orchestra program for college. Theatre’s a maybe on whether or not I’ll take part in it. If I have the free time to, I’ll probably consider it,” he said.

However, he is excited that college will bring some of the opportunities that high school didn’t provide.

“I wish we had a ping pong or badminton team,” he said.

Overall though, he’s very happy with his high school time.

“To be honest I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve done in high school,” he said.

Even after college, McEvoy is prepping for the future, with aspirations of becoming a medical illustrator, someone who helps patients and doctors alike visualize the conditions or situations that they face. He hopes to enter into post-graduate studies for just that reason.

“After that I just don’t want to be homeless,” McEvoy said.

Whatever the case, McEvoy seems to have his life after graduation planned out. As for now, McEvoy is just working on getting through high school and playing a few more games of badminton.