CTE Center Gives New Opportunities to Students


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Reporter

For nearly a year, the Career and Technical Education, or the CTE Center, old locker commons, and football entrance have been under construction. It was finished just in time for classes to begin in the 2017-2018 school year.

“I really like how excited all the kids are, how proud of it they seem to be, and just having the extra space to really do all the things we’re wanting to do. It just allows for so much hands on learning,” health teacher, Lynn Stallbaumer said.

Not only are there new classrooms, but there is also new technology for the classes. Classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards and unique equipment based on the subject.

“I have all these beds from my clinicals, you know for my simulations,” Stallbaumer said. “Last year I had that one bed in a closet. So now, I can test three times as many kids at once, which is really nice.”

In place of the lockers, there is now an open seating area and a storefront called ‘The Den’. The Den is run by one of Ziegler’s business classes. It will start selling drinks like coffee and smoothies, and also pre-packaged foods on Sep. 11. The Den will be open during Bobcat Advisory and before school.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for kids to learn how to do business,” said Ziegler. “We’re going to be learning and growing and figuring things out in a real business environment.”

The CTE Center has lots of places for students to hang out or work on homework. Students can find their new favorite spot on a big lounge couch, under the stairs, by big windows or in a number of other spots built into the CTE Center.

“It’s just a more inspiring space that people want to be in,” Ziegler said. “It provides you with a lot of opportunities to spread out, [and] be an individual.”

There will be an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 20.