Schwisow, Wieser Form Bond To Create Schwieser

Written by: Miyala Harris, Reporter

Athletic director Ross Schwisow and strength and conditioning coach Justin Weiser met April 16, 2016 while working out at the gym.

“[It’s a] great love story actually,” Weiser said.

“[A] moment in time,” Schwisow said.
According to Weiser and Schwisow the two bonded over tight t-shirts and lifting the same weight, but really the two met less than a year ago at Weiser’s job interview.

Although the two have not known each other for a whole year, Schwisow knew that Weiser would be the perfect person to fill the position.

“We had a lot of quality candidates for the position. And when it was all said and done, the interview committee knew deep down that he was gonna be passionate about this and do things for our kids. And do things the right way.”

Since taking the position, Weiser ran the summer program, and both Weiser and Schwisow were proud of the way the entire summer turned out.

“I think it was a huge success, as many kids as we had that were 100% in attendance. Just seeing the commitment everybody had, seeing the community involvement and how much they cared about what was going on in the summer. Being stopped pretty much everywhere I went when I was wearing my Basehor-Linwood stuff. I think it was a huge success just for my first experience really interacting with all the kids in the district,” Weiser said.

Most of the success that the students encountered this year was due to their willingness to accept the changes.

“I was really proud of our kids for buying into something new, even though it’s not necessarily new but just different. So I was really proud of our kids to be open minded, to be coached and maybe taught something different from what I was doing. So I was very proud of them for that,” Schwisow said,

While student athletes played a role in the current success, Weiser’s fit in the position supplemented that.

“…He was going to be a perfect fit for our community. And so we felt 100% that he was going to be a perfect person for the position,” Schwisow said.