The Search For Success Is Over


Written by: Lane Barrette, Reporter

Merriam Webster defines the wordsuccess” as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. A common theme among teachers and students alike regarding success, during and after high school, is how the individual accomplishes their personal goal. Regardless of how difficult one person’s success is to another, success is success no matter of its relation to anyone else’s. Though success may be up to individual achievement, there are steps one may take to assist in one’s success.

  1. Identify your success

Success is a very personal and unique to each individual. Because each one of us has our own experiences and lens through which we view life, success for one person looks very different than success for another. If I were to speak generally, I would say success is each student attaining his or her personal goal and finding personal satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so,” said counselor Vicky Herbster.

The idea that success is all up to the individual’s personal goals is very much true, according to many staff and students. The steps needed to reach personal goals are all up to what the individual views as an accomplishment or success.


2. Getting Involved

Another common theme among student’s success in high school is getting involved with the many programs and organizations the BLHS has to offer, such as REbeL and GSA, which is sponsored by english teacher, Tara Bowser.

“BLHS offers so many clubs, activities, and sports. Students should check with their friends and teachers if they want to find out how to become more involved. Maintaining positive relationships is the most rewarding aspect of school. High school is a great time to practice working with people who have different opinions, values, and backgrounds. How people treat others is a great indicator of character and success,” said Bowser.


3. Appreciate little victories

“Success is not an end in itself.  I define it as a series of small victories on a larger continuum of life events.  It is different for everyone.  One person may define success as scoring the winning touchdown, while another may feel successful when she nails a geometry test,” said Counselor Nancy Silverforb.

Recognise the many littler accomplishments that were made throughout high school. Acknowledging the large spectrum of what each student has achieved allows for a better view of what success is.


4. Recognize the value of education

“Students need a buy-in.  They need to recognize that education is important and not just in certain subject areas.  You can learn something in everything.  Regardless of your passion for the subject, or instructor, if a student commits to learning something, they will be successful,” said STUCO sponsor Erin Amrein.

When first viewing success in high school, commonly the thought of a higher GPA, as well as taking more rigorous courses, comes to mind among students. A possible step into improving success in this department is viewing each part of the curriculum as the most important lesson taught in respective classes.

“Kids showing up to school and paying attention in class leads to success. Not being afraid to ask questions or come in for extra help is also a good way to be successful,” said senior Nichole Smith. “Holding yourself accountable is how you become successful in anything, in my mind. You have to put in the time and work.”


5. Assess your future goals

“I want each and every student before they walk out of this building to have the ability and skills necessary to accomplish what their goals are.  First they have have to have goals. We at BLHS must continue to help students know how to set goals and them give them the tools to achieve them.  I want them to feel accomplished and prepared for whatever track they may take-workforce, military, TEC school, 2 year college or a 4 year university,” said principal Jarred Fuhrman.


Wrapping up steps to success, understanding where the finish line is creates a direction that may be followed. Just think, how can someone win a race if they don’t know where they are suppose to end up?