What Makes a BLHS Dazzler

Written by: Maya Dodds, Reporter

Football games, basketball games, pep-assemblies, and contests. The Dazzlers do it all. Every year the Dazzlers have try-outs and every year different personalities come and bring something different to the table.

“I personally believe that this year’s team is a lot closer than last year’s. All of the girls get along and there is no drama,” social officer Delaney Thomas said.

The team has new choreography taking last year’s routines up a notch.

“If anything our dances are better because we have more talent on the team this year. It’s been really fun,” captain Kinsey Kuttler said.

There are 15 girls on the Dazzler team and seven of them are freshman so some may question if they are mature enough to be committed to something that is so time consuming.

“The freshman on the team this year have a lot of talent and are capable of supporting our team in a few years,” Thomas said.

Since dance is a year round varsity sport the team has practices all year

“At first 6am seems completely awful, and trust me it is, but it is nice having the opportunity to play sports that require afternoon practice and it is pretty fun being extremely tired and slap happy with your best friends that early in the morning!” co-captain Delaney Farris said.

The Dazzlers perform at basketball games, football games, and pep-assemblies. Pep- assemblies are the favorite for the dazzlers.

“I think we can all agree that we like pep assemblies more because the crowd gets really hype (especially for hip-hop),” Kuttler said.

Dazzlers have confessed before that they really enjoy doing hip-hop and jazz dances mainly because of how much the students and staff enjoy seeing it.

“I think the students prefer basketball dances because they are more technical and complex than football dances because we are not on turf during basketball season. Also we tend to perform competition dances during basketball season,” Thomas said.

The Dazzlers compete multiple times during the school year, going up against a lot of big schools during January and February.

“I honestly think we have a really great shot at getting called back for showcase.  We have some good dances and even better dancers, if we bring our A game we have a pretty good chance at getting recognized for who we really are,” Farris said.