What is DIG?

Written by: Sierra Salazar, Reporter

As the 2017 year continues on, differences and diversity in the school shines through more and more. Diversity Interest Group (DIG) started last year with principal Jared Fuhrman, counselors Nancy Silverforb and Vicky Herbster running the group for the students. DIG has a mission with just some of the many students who are willing to speak up and share their opinion. That mission is to help the spread of diversity alongside others in the school.

“Last year around this time, Fuhrman asked me if I wanted to be apart of this group called Diversity Interest Group and . . . I joined because I want to make sure everyone feels accepted and want to come to school. I want to make sure that everyone’s point of view is seen and heard,” said senior Jaylyn McPherson.

When recruiting, the sponsors look for something in their potential members that shines through and shows them they’re willing to assist in this mission. These students want to express their diversity, though this doesn’t disclude the others in the school that show off who they are.

“We look for students that are leaders in the school, students that maybe come from diverse backgrounds, that seem to have the personalities and courage to stand up for their beliefs, and the ability to talk with other people and share their ideas,” said Silverforb.

DIG is currently in the works of potentially making an assembly. Currently, the members are only sharing and discussing their ideas amongst each other, with both what they can do outside of school and during. This leads to them coming up with what they can do to make people feel as though they can be who they are at school.

“We basically come up with activities and different things to help solve problems in our school and to make sure that [when the] students come to school, they feel equal to everyone. . . They don’t have to be a certain way,” said McPherson.


For those wanting to join DIG, talk to or email Jarred Fuhrman ([email protected]), Nancy Silverforb ([email protected]), or Vicky Herbster ([email protected]).