Buzzing in for Scholar’s Bowl

Written by: Trinity Krouse, Reporter

Scholar’s Bowl season just began in October. The Scholar’s Bowl team has competed in two meets. They were both hosted at Bonner Springs High School. The team has yet to place in any of their meets, but they have meets until February to qualify for state.

“Probably one of our most competitive schools is DeSoto,” said Scholar’s Bowl  sponsor Jessica Booth. “Spring Hill and Eudora did really well in our first competition.”

Last year, two seniors from the Scholar’s Bowl team graduated, but this year seven students joined the team.

“We’ve lost some valuable players in specific subjects, but we’ve had a lot of new members this year,” said Booth. “I am excited to watch them grow.”

Some of the competitors have been with the Scholar’s Bowl team since the beginning of their high school career. They knew the team before Booth joined as the coach three years ago.

“I’ve been in Scholar’s Bowl since I was a freshman,” said senior Samantha Radefeld. “Mr. [Tim] Johnson was originally the coach, and so I was dragged in by him because he needed another person because his team was short.”

Students join Scholar’s Bowl for varying reasons. Some join for the chance to show off their knowledge, and some were just roped into Scholar’s Bowl by their friends. Regardless of why they joined, the students stick around for other reasons.

“My favorite part about Scholar’s Bowl is just answering the questions right, and knowing that all the random stuff in the back of my head is actually useful for something. It’s really nice to get it right,” said junior Emily Tady.

The tricky part of Scholar’s Bowl for the team can be the rules. If a competitor interrupts the question being read, and gets the question wrong, their team loses five points. Although that would mean answering before the other team, sometimes the question can be misunderstood.

“The hardest part of Scholar’s Bowl is probably when you interrupt and you realize you didn’t hear the full part of the question, and they’re asking for a different part of the question than you told them,” said Sean Moore.

Another part of Scholar’s Bowl is the timing. There are ten seconds to answer the question, but the competitors never know when the other team will buzz in. That means that they have to be very quick with their answers.

“The hardest part is dealing with losing, and knowing that you just weren’t fast enough to the buzzer because it can get very close in points, and if one person buzzes in before the other by half a second, then they can get that point and win,” said Tady.  

The next Scholar’s Bowl meet is Monday, Nov. 6, and the jv team will be competing at Lansing High School.