Laser Engraver Imprinting its spot in BLHS Drafting

Written by: Miyala Harris, Reporter

Abraham Cilliers came to BLHS two years ago, as a graduate of Pitt State University. In his time here, Cilliers has taught Industrial Technology, Cabinetmaking and Furniture Design and Drafting/CAD.

“Well I like working with people and working hands on and teaching it was just naturally something I was drawn towards and I like seeing the faces on people when they learn something new everyday,” Cilliers said.

This year the students had the chance to explore with a new machine, which gives them the ability to print images on wood.

“The Laser Engraver, it’s basically just like a regular printer but with a laser. You make your design on the computer and you select how powerful you want it to be, how fast you want it to print, and after that the printer does all of the work,” Cilliers said.

Senior Mason Nelson is currently enrolled in Cabinetmaking and Furniture Design under Cilliers. Nelson has made multiple personalized items while learning how to use the Laser Engraver.

“[I make] cutting boards, with the Laser Engraver, signs that have last names on them. People like to have them for gifts,” Nelson said.

Nelson has always found interest in hands-on activities as it has been a part of his life since he can remember.

“I’ve always grown up around building stuff, I like chopping, I like the art, the design and all that. Yes, i’m enjoying it, it keeps you busy,” Nelson said.

The drafting class requires the students to use their critical thinking skills to complete the step by step instructions.  Nelson sees the real world experiences that the class provides and how he will use it later on in life.

“If I become a designer it will come in handy. Most stuff you learn in there helps out with being an architect, a designer, or anything like that,” Nelson said.