Student Entrepreneur Success Rooted in Dedication


Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor in Chief

Junior Ryan Cowart has been in the lawn care industry for the past five years. He is the sole proprietor of Ryan’s Lawnscape, which he started last year for his Entrepreneurship class project. Most students worked on their business only for the length of the semester, but Cowart took his business a step further.

“I always loved working outdoors and in landscaping. I started mowing for others at the age of 12. When I took Entrepreneurship, I also took the chance to expand and make my business a legitimate thing,” said Cowart. “I work on my business every day, after school, until dark. And almost every weekend, all day. I spend around 30 to 45 hours depending on the week.”

For Cowart, his end goal is creating a financial base for his future family, as well as creating a company know for quality workmanship. Cowart’s success roots from the constant work he’s put in with each step he has taken put him closer to his goal.

“Always keep your mind on the end goal, and the possibilities and opportunities will present themselves so take advantage of them. Never skip a beat, and always know your purpose. There will be people that think you won’t succeed and there will be people that doubt you regardless,” said Cowart.

To some, what’s taught in school doesn’t directly assist in preparing students for the real world. However to Entrepreneurship teacher Cody Ziegler, there’s more to memorizing facts and teaching concepts that can be applied to life outside of high school.

“I’m proud of Ryan and the work he’s put into his business. It’s extremely rewarding seeing someone investing so much time into a project knowing that it has real life significance. It’s encouraging to see a kid take a class so seriously [and] to see something developed into a real concept from real life is very fulfilling,” said Ziegler.