Starting the Year off Right

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Starting the Year off Right

Written by: Miyala Harris, Reporter

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It’s that time of the year when students have to return to school. For some people it means new school supplies, new clothes, fresh kicks and possibly new friendships. It’s full of MAP testing, fall, spring and winter sports, dances and more.

While freshman may have dos and donts, there are tips that apply to everyone.

  • The beginning of the year, students take the MAP test. The scores are compared to last year and if students improve their score, they can receive extra credit in the class.
  • One way to prepare for MAP testing is to get a good night’s rest. Staying up the night before could result in fatigue and make it difficult to pay attention. Another way is to eat breakfast, it is a proven fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives a boost to the brain and helps to focus and not feel groggy.
  • When dealing with any classes, never be afraid to ask questions for a better understanding. Waiting until it’s time for a quiz or test could result in a bad grade. Always study and ask for help. If need be talk to the teacher, most of the time teachers are willing to stay after to help.
  • No matter the grade always get involved in school activities. It doesn’t matter if it is sports or other extra-curricular things such as, plays, JAG, Fishing, or Choir. Getting involved helps you to learn new things, make new friends and get out of the house.

Last but not least, work hard, be kind and always be sure to do things The Bobcat Way.

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