Marketing Class Markets Real Businesses

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Marketing Class Markets Real Businesses

Written by: Jeda French, Head of Graphic Design

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Cody Ziegler’s principles of marketing class has the opportunity this year to gain some real life business skills. Student’s are doing a project that requires them to research a small business, come up with a plan on how to make that business better, market some of their products or services and to help expand the business to a broader audience. This project is a first for Ziegler, who implemented this project into his curriculum this year to give students hands on experience with marketing.

“I’m always trying to find ways to make learning real. To give students real projects that have real outcomes to increase their desire to learn, while also giving them freedom to choose and the power to decide what they’re going to learn and how they’re going to learn it. As a teacher, I’m learning and growing every year to implement the best curriculum possible,” said Ziegler.

One group chose Anthony’s Beehive for their project. It’s a business in Lawrence, Kan. that sells various bee products.

“We chose this business because we are all for the save the bees movement. We want to help improve their social media, and we want to try to market their honey products within the school,” said senior Grace Chizmar.

Another group wants to broaden their business’ target market.

“At the moment, my group and I are still deciding what company to use, as our first selection went out of business about a week ago. Whatever company we choose, our plan is to possibly introduce new ideas on how to market their products to a younger crowd, or to a larger area altogether,” said senior Brandon Brown.

The students will work on the project throughout the semester, and work on assignments in between, to help them learn about marketing.

“I want [students] to learn what they want to learn. I want them to have the power to choose what they learn. Students will learn more if you give them power and choice than if you tell them what to learn,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler had the students choose their business plan for themselves in order to have a more hands on learning experience.

“[I hope to learn] some basic marketing fundamentals that could possibly help me in my future career path,” said Brown.

Once the students have completed the project, they will present their business plans to the businesses they have chosen to see if it’s something that business actually wants to do.

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