Football 4 Dummies

Football 4 Dummies

Written by: Katelyn Cofer and Kristen Kahler

Quarterback (QB)-

Offensive Position

Calls the Plays

Handles the “snap”

Either hands off the ball, throws it, or runs it


Wide Receiver (WR)-

Offensive Position

One on the far left, one on the far right

The quarterback throws the ball to them and they run it


Running Back (RB)-

Offensive Position

Stands next to the QB

Runs the ball most

Also has to block, as well as catch short passes


Fullback (FB)-


takes out defensive players so the running back can get around the defense


Offensive Line-

Offensive Position

The offensive lineman from left to right are the Left Tackle (LT), Left Guard (LG), Center (C.), Right Guard (RG), and Right Tackle (RT)

These are the people on the line of scrimmage in a three point stance

They hold the defense back so they can’t get to the person with the ball


Tight End (TE)-

Offensive Position

Blocks for the quarterback and running back or runs into the field to catch passes


Slot Receiver (SR)-

Offensive Position

Align behind the line of scrimmage

Runs pass routes, as well as blocking and running the ball


Defensive Line (DL)-

Defensive Position

3-6 people on the line

Stop the offensive linemen from moving them, forcing two offensive players to block them


Linebackers (LB)-

Defensive Position

Reads the movement of the offensive linemen to tell them where the ball is going

Often given names based on where they are supposed to line up

The center LB is like the QB for defense, he has to identify the strength of the offense


Defensive Backs (DB)-

Defensive Position

Split into two groups- Corners and Safeties


Cornerback (CB)-

Defensive Position

Try to stop or intercept passes and tackle players that catch passes

Sometimes the cornerbacks all rush and try to take out the quarterback.


Safety (S)-

Safeties are there to stop tight ends, running backs, and wide receivers-if they get past the defensive line. They are the last line of defense, AKA the last resort.



Line of Scrimmage– Where the ball is placed at the start of a play
Blitz- When the defense sends more players to go after the quarterback
Downs- You have 4 downs to get 10 yards, and if you don’t gain 10 yards by the 4th down the other team gets the ball. Even if a player is tackled or pass is not caught, that still counts as an attempt or down.
Intentional grounding- When the quarterback throws the nowhere in particular so he doesn’t get tackled behind the line of scrimmage and lose yards.
Bootleg- When the quarterback fakes a handoff and runs the ball
Blocking- What the offensive team does so a defensive player doesn’t get to the person with the ball
End Zone- The area at the ends of the football field where the players score a touchdown
Extra Point- After a touchdown, the team has a chance to score one or two extra points. They can either kick the ball into the goalpost for one extra point or run the ball into the end zone for two extra points, also called a (2pt conversion)
Kick off- This is how the game or half starts, and it also occurs after a team scores. The kicking team kicks the ball to the receiving team.
Field goal- When the kicker kicks the ball through the goalpost

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q- Why do players sometimes kneel after catching a ball instead of running it?

A- Instead of risking running it out of the endzone and getting tackled before getting to the 20 yard line.

Q- How many different plays are there?

A- There are over 50 plays at BLHS, and the players have to memorize them all.

Q- Why punt a ball instead of going for a fourth down?

A- After punting the ball, the ball is now further away from the opposing team’s side, so they are are further away from their end zone.