Talent Grōs Through Allegrō


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Imagine traveling to New Orleans, Washington D.C., Oregon, or Sweden to sing in a century old Cathedral, or a brand new performing art center. A children’s choir organization called Allegro has done just this with their local choirs and has performed in dozens of places. Children from grades 3-12 all around the Kansas City Metro area make up the six different choirs in Allegro.

“Allegro is a choir for people who want to go beyond school chorus,” said junior Morgan Chandler in Allegro Con Moto. “It has [six] choirs for different age groups, sex and musical knowledge.

There is Poco Allegro for 3-5 graders, Vivo Allegro for 5-7 graders, Allegro Con Moto is for new middle school or high school members, Allegro Con Spirito is for men, Brillante is for men and women, and Allegro Con Brio is the highest choir for girls.

The Allegro choirs meet once a week to practice for concerts. Their practices are two hours, and they usually break into sectionals to work different parts and notes of the music. Allegro and school choir are very different in how practices work.

“Allegro has a lot more time and work involved in it than school choir, but that doesn’t put one on top of the other on my favorites list. One of the main differences is that in Allegro we get homework, and in school choir we do not. We also have much higher expectations in Allegro, but that is the reason we are there. I love both choirs, but they are two very different environments,” said freshman Lily Bogard in Brio.

One of Allegro’s goals is to make sure that the singers are putting their heart into each song, and are performing it at their best ability according to the Allegro KC.

“Allegro is a choir that focuses on connecting your emotions into song, while still sounding amazing, of course. It is a choir for young people who are really dedicated to music and singing,” said sophomore Makenzy Curtis in Moto.

They sing an array of genres from broadway, classical, blues, upbeat, gospel and more. Bogard has sung in over ten languages, and Curtis sings songs specially made for Allegro choirs. For them, this is not the only way they are exposed to new and diverse cultures. They are able to travel around the globe to perform their music. The summer of 2017, Brio traveled to Sweden,  this summer, toured to Washington D.C this summer and in 2020, they will be traveling to Austria and Germany.

Allegro has three concerts with all of the choirs every year, and the fall concert will be on Oct. 21 at Unity Temple. Each group performs more throughout the year at different churches and stages.

“We have the Allegro Gala at the Agriculture Hall of Fame on Nov. 9. Our fall concert is on Oct. 21 at Unity Temple in downtown Kansas City. We are singing with the Kansas City Symphony about 9/11, and the movement is called the ‘Trans-Migration of Souls’. I believe we are performing this the weekend of Nov. 16,” said Bogard.