Getting to Know Ms. Marquardt


Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

When walking through the hallways on certain afternoons, smells of familiar foods often fill the air throughout the school. This is largely because of the Culinary Essentials class, where students put together dishes such as French omelets, chicken fajitas and no-bake cookies. In the same classroom, the Human Growth and Development course is taught, in which students study the cycle of human life from birth to adulthood. These elective choices are popular among students perhaps due to the approach FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher Megan Marquardt takes.

“Several high school teachers of mine encouraged freedom and choice in the classroom. I try to mimic that teaching strategy as much as possible,” said Marquardt.

Marquardt got her inspiration to be a teacher after seeing her father’s passion and excitement when talking about being a music teacher while she was growing up. While in high school, she took several classes that influenced her way of teaching today.

“I love how much fun the classes can be and how much freedom we have to learn what the students want to learn,” said Marquardt. “They learn skills applicable to real-world experiences, like communication, collaboration, and time management.”

Marquardt has high hopes and ambition for the future of Basehor’s education program. She hopes that the high school will continue to put students and teachers first and also hopes to be able to one day teach a whole new department.

“Fashion, apparel, interior design, sewing…I’d like that whole department [of classes] to be created,” said Marquardt.