Which Lead Cast Member Are You? Take the Quiz

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

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  • The Baroness (played by Sophomore Kniya Harris) prepares herself for the Baron's Birthday

  • The Baron (played by Junior Lane Barrette) lays his Baroness "down like melting butter"

  • Children's chorus in the sewers hiding from the Childcatcher

  • The Toymaker (played by Junior Sierra Salazar) and Caractacus Potts (played by Senior Taylor Brownback) converse about a plan to rescue Chitty and Grandpa

  • Children's chorus singing Teamwork

  • Baroness changes into her Samba Dress

  • Baron thanks his Baroness proceeding the Bombie Samba dance number

  • Truly Scrumptious (played by Senior Erica Brady) preforms "Doll on a Music Box"

  • Potts preforms a rag doll dance routine

  • The spies (played by Senior Natalie Rigdon and Junior Clarissa Kiefer) take away newly banished Baroness and Baron

  • Potts professes love for Truly

  • Childcatcher (played by Senior Cassie Martin) bows along with Toymaker

  • Jemima (played by Kylie John) and Jeremy (played by Jack Cook) bow alongside Chitty

  • Full Cast Photo

  • Jeremy and Jemima play in broken down Chitty

  • Baron and Baroness call the Spies to steal Chitty

  • Potts sings "You Two "

  • Junkman (played by Senior Kayla Loughry) intimidates the Potts family into not buying Chitty

  • The Spies sneak away into the bushes

  • Grandpa (played by Sophomore Jonnathon Cavanaugh) makes sound with a toot sweet

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We interviewed four of the leads of the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and made a quiz to see which you are most like.


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