Jeda French Creates Graphic Designs for School

Written by: Trinity Krouse and Jeda French

If you’ve seen the ‘In Rod We Trust’ shirt design, or the BASS Club logo around school, then you are familiar with

senior graphic designer Jeda French’s work. French has been commissioned to design logos, posters or graphics from different organizations around the school.  

“I worked on several projects for our school since the beginning of this year,” said French. “I’ve made a t-shirt logo for our school newspaper, an On-The-Go logo for the Den, a logo for BL Care, and the In Rod We Trust t-shirt idea that people have probably seen. I’m also the president of International Club, so I’ve made a lot of flyers for our club events.”

French first started off sophomore year with some Photoshop in Erin Amrien’s Photo Imaging class and then moved on to Graphic Design Fundamentals her junior year.

“My dream job has always been to be a videogame designer. So in a way, I’ve always been into graphic design, but by taking the courses at the high school, I’ve gotten to experience the other side of graphic design,” said French.

For anyone who is interested in graphic design, French’s tip is to make sure you have a passion for art and design. She believes even if they’re not the best at it, with hard work the artistic side can be improved.

“The thing I like most about graphic design is that I have the chance to create something in my own way. I’m comfortable using computers, and that’s where I create most of my work. I like that I can take an idea in my head and portray it through art, that’s really where my inspiration of becoming a graphic designer came from.”

Although French has made lots of designs for groups around the school, she still prefers designing for herself.

“The projects that are the most fun for me to create are probably my own,” said French. “They’re a lot easier to make because I know exactly what I want, and if something doesn’t look right or needs to be fixed, I don’t have to wait for someone else to tell me what they like and don’t like. It’s more satisfying to me to make things for other people, but it’s more fun to make things on my own.”

After high school, French plans to continue her education with graphic design.

“I’m going to KU to major in graphic design, but I’m probably going to be taking online classes as well for game development,” said French. “If I can get there one day, I would really like to be designing video games. Until then, I’m more than happy to stick with the graphic design field because I do enjoy it and it is something that I want to do.”