Fiercest of the Fries


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts and Kristen Kahler

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your friends about which fast food restaurant had the best fries? Here is a guide to help you pick your winner. With this review, plain fries were tested. They were not dipped in any sauce and other factors like the price did not affect the overall rating. Five fast food restaurants around Basehor were tested to see which was the best. These are the personal opinions of Kristen Kahler and do not reflect the opinions of the staff as a whole.



  • $1.49 for a regular size
  • Worst fries I’ve ever had
  • Too greasy, unsalted and cold
  • Tasted similar to the fries you can buy frozen at the grocery store
  • 0/10


Dairy Queen

  • $2.19 for a regular size
  • Unseasoned, not crisp, unsalted and soft
  • Would probably be better with sauce
    • Crinkle cut
  • 4/10



  • $0.99 for a value size
  • Salty and long
  • Looked like they came from real potatoes
  • On the crunchy side
    • Regular shoe string
  • 7/10



  • $1.39 for a small size
  • First place you think of when you want some fries
  • Warm
  • Perfect amount of salt and had flavor even without sauce
  • ad a frie density for everyone (some crunchy and others soft)
    • Regular shoe string
  • 10/10



  • $1.55 for a small size
  • Warm
  • Perfect amount of salt
  • Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside
  • Just as good as McDonalds, but in waffle-fry form.
    • Waffle fry