Counselors Welcome Change at BLHS


Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

For twelve years, students of various grades had gotten to know counselor Nancy Silverforb. After the end of the 2017-18 school year, she took her retirement, leaving an open space for a second counselor. At the beginning of this school year, Stephanie Billet began as the counselor for freshmen and juniors.

“BLHS is a school in which the focus is on students, which is what drew me to this school,” Billet said. “We individualize education the best we can, always thinking of what’s best for the students, rather than just what’s best for the school.”

Despite it being Billet’s first year here, she has quickly adjusted to her duties and the students here, likely because of her previous experience as a counselor at Bonner Springs High School. Billet attributes this to the fact that staff and students were very accommodating to her and went out of their way to make her feel welcome, despite her being ‘the newbie’.  Billet spends her days as any counselor would, dealing with any problem students come to her with. These issues can range from schedule changes to the recently rising mental health problems many teenagers are dealing with.

“The two [most common issues] I would say are anxiety and depression,” Billet said. “I would recommend that students focus on developing coping skills, as well as be willing to try different coping skills if one doesn’t work for them.”

One thing Billet would like to see change is allowing counselors more time to educate students on social-emotional learning, which can help students manage their emotions healthily and prevent problems before they occur. Another factor that Billet believes can help students is removing the stigma around counseling and seeking help.

“It’s okay to need help,” Billet said. “Everyone needs help at some point in time.”