A Look Into Custodian Price’s Life


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Residing across the hall from a sports closet in the history hallway is a heavy metal door leading into the custodian’s office. Filled with brooms, vacuums and various chemicals, there is also the head custodian’s desk. Stephanie Price has her computer set up against the wall, next to a table for the janitors to rest when not working. While she travels all around the school, this is her home base.

From shoveling frozen parking lot snow before the sun comes up to picking up half-eaten nachos in the bleachers after a basketball game, Price has worked on making the school a cleaner place for six years.

On most days, she’s at the school for 10 hours making sure everything is running smoothly. Seven janitors work under Price, where she monitors their progress on their daily and nightly responsibilities. Not including special events, everyday, the janitors clean locker rooms, classrooms and bathrooms to prepare for the next hectic day at school. This could be a stressful task, but Price enjoys managing others.

“It’s an adventure because everybody is different, and everybody has different personalities. I like it. It’s fun. [Managing janitors is] meeting new people and getting to know them,” said Price.

If an activity is being hosted at the school, it is likely that Price was there to help set up the tables and chairs for it. One of the busier times of the year for Price is for graduation. Before the hundreds of people pack in the gymnasium to watch the seniors walk the stage and accept their diplomas, Price has to organize the setup. From planning the layout of the chairs to hanging up class banners to configuring the stage, Price has to oversee all the workers and help set up the event. The ultimate goal for her is to watch the seniors walk across the stage without anything going awry.

“I love graduation… setting up and knowing that it’s going to look nice when the seniors walk down the stage,” said Price.

The same reason Price’s favorite event of the year is graduation is the same reason she loves working here: the students. Setting up for all of the sporting and academic events gives her a look into the students’ lives. Watching the final step of the kids’ high school career shows Price the work was worth it.