Sophomore Kniya Harris: The Preforming Prodigy


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

Sophomore Kniya Harris is many things: a musical actress, football manager, a sister to nine siblings, and one day, an R&B superstar. Harris’s biggest inspiration is her family.

“They’re always telling me that they’re going to see me on TV one day. Or they’ll buy me books like ‘becoming Beyonce’ and my nana said, one of these days, it’s not going to say Becoming Beyonce, it’s going to say Becoming Kniya. They’ll say that one of these days I’m going to be in a magazine. She’s had one of these magazines for years and she still has it to this day. She thinks that the person in the magazine is how I’m going to look when I’m older,” said Harris. “They’re so supportive, always saying that one day it’ll happen. My nana [will] always being my biggest fan. My whole family would be in on it, [like] we’re all together.”

Harris has always been known for singing. From doing talent shows at the elementary and middle school with her sibling band. She even won money at local fairs and car shows. She has also acted in the past two musicals, The Little Mermaid, as one of Ariel’s sister and was the  Baroness in the latest musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Harris says that everything to do with music: listening, writing and singing, is her life.

“[Performing on stage is] awesome. it’s the best feeling in the world. I feel like it’s made for me in a way,” said Harris. “It’s like an insight into what I think my future is going to look like. When I’m on the stage singing to everyone, I can get like insights like ‘Oh my gosh,’ this is going to happen. One day this will happen. It’ll be a bigger audience, a bigger stadium [and with] crowds going wild.”

Harris has always wanted to be a superstar, wanting to become famous when she was 16. Her family has always supported her life choices in what she wants to do, including attending Berkley University after high school and continue her high school career in acting and musical theater.

“I want to be a movie actress, not necessarily Broadway, but I can’t stray from music,” said Harris.

She also wants to be a role model to everyone, showing everyone what’s possible.

“I want to be the person that any age [can look at me] and be like ‘wow’, and just idolize [what I’ve done]. I want to put out a good image towards [everyone] and [show them] you can do it. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll make it happen. I just want the world to know… everyone has a dream, you have to make it happen.”