Mady Trower: Motorcross Prodigy


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

Junior Mady Trower participates in many things in and outside of school: she has run cross country for the past five years, been actively involved in National Honors Society (NHS), and babysits her sister Jenna. But one of her other hobbies isn’t one of the most common. Trower competes in motocross around the country.

“I didn’t really start racing until I was 11 or 12. [Eventually], we started trail riding with my family. There was one motocross track close by, and we were like, ‘let’s just go there for fun.’ [Then] we decided to try out local races, and then it turned in to us going to nationals,” said Trower. 

Motocross lasts from April to August, while cross country and arena motocross are during the offseason and used as training. The cross country races range from five to ten miles, while Trower described the arena track as more compact, maybe a fourth of a mile. Every year before the official season starts, Trower sets a goal for herself. 

“My goal this year was to be in the top three in the women’s WMX (women’s motocross). I did not achieve that goal. Unfortunately, I got fourth. I want to get better. There are some parts of the track that can be challenging, but every year I get a little better and it starts to become easier,” said Trower.

Ever since Trower first started racing, her family has always been behind her. Her dad working days and nights on her four-wheeler and is always being excited about her races. 

“My dad’s version of getting excited is a little different than someone else’s. When I do well at a race after he’s like ‘come over here’ and give me a bear hug for like five minutes. That’s like his version of being pumped up and just being excited,” said Trower.

Because of motocross, Trower has found her future career pathway. Trowers had four major injuries during the season: four broken bones, a partially collapsed lung and a severe concussion. 

“[I want to go into] medical for sure. My mom does X-ray and comes home with all of these really interesting stories. I think it’s really cool if I’m honest. It’d also be cool if I understood like the general parts of the body and so, when I do get hurt, I could just be like ‘oh this is the clavicle,’ said Trower.

Trower has raced for the past five years, earning her nicknames like, “Trower of power,” and “goldilocks.” While she has also created quotes that she lives by, such as “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.” While overall, Trower describes racing as something that is apart of her. 

“It’s really something that motivates me in life. I strive for good grades and all of that, but this is something I really enjoy. Like, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s apart of me and who I am,” said Trower.