Megan Plum: Soapbox Racer


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Reporter

There are many different hobbies to try, but junior Megan Plum not only plays volleyball but also races soapbox cars. She started racing because she saw her brother doing it and thought it looked like fun. She tried it out with him and decided it was something she wanted to pursue. 

“My dad was going through the internet, looking for things to do. He found soapbox racing, we went out one day, tried it, and then I decided to do it,” said Plum.

Soapbox racing has been taking place in the United States since 1934. There are many things you must do to start soapbox racing. After Plum tried soapbox racing she started the process of getting started in soapbox racing. To start it off you have to have a car. You can buy a kit online and then you must build your car.

“You start at the top of a hill, it’s about 100 feet tall. You then race other competitors down it. You can try it before you buy a kit. Typically, the Thursday before a race you can come out and try it at the track in Kansas City, Missouri,” said Plum.

Kits can cost anywhere from $500 through $2000. Once you receive your kit you must put it together before you can race. Megan said that this process can be complicated and take some time to complete. 

“The biggest race I went to was the World Championships because there were people from all over the world, the race took place in Ohio. The best I’ve ever finished was third place this past summer.  There were around 100 cars in each class at the World Championships. The biggest race I’ve won was one in Omaha,” said Plum.

Depending on your age and how long you’ve been racing, there are three different groups you can race in. The groups are Stock car, Superstock car, and a Masters car. You can begin to race a Stock car when you turn seven until you turn 16. A Superstock can you can race from the time you are seven until you are 21. Lastly, there’s a Masters car that you race from when you’re 13 until you’re 21.

“I’ve only raced a Stock car so far. I was planning on racing in the Master class and I have a car too. However, I ended up not racing it this year but to qualify for the World Championships you have to race it once a year,” said Plum.

Winners are awarded trophies or cash prizes. Plum’s largest prize so far is a $1,000 scholarship.

“I keep all my trophies in my room. I’ve won so many that I’ve started to run out of room. A couple of times I’ve also won $50 gift cards,” said Plum.

Plum doesn’t race Soap Box cars for the trophies. 

“I do it to meet new people, and I’ve already made many friends through soapbox racing. I would tell everyone to try Soap Box racing if they are interested in it. It’s a great way to make friends,” said Plum.

Plum is just starting her soapbox career. She plans to keep working on improving how well she does at each race.