Tour of Thu

Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter

She leads you into her old home, a trusty apartment on the 5th of 23 floors, overlooking a bustling village. As you enter, your nose is filled with the savory, yet sweet scent of porridge and noodles, the most traditional of breakfasts in Vietnam. While the spices simmer in the pot, creating a delicious morning meal, Thu leads you around the small apartment, introducing her mother, father and 12-year-old brother. After introductions have been made, she leads you into her room, which is painted in a light pastel pink and is decorated with scattered photographs. Once the tour of the four-bedroom home is complete, you settle down into a chair, your body relaxing as you are engulfed in Vietnamese culture. Breakfast is served at 6:15 and you are out the door quickly after. You are on your way to school by walking down the busy streets of Vietnam. You go to classes early in the morning and are released by noon to eat lunch. For this meal, Thu takes you to a local cafe, where you eat spicy and inexpensive food and converse over your day. Once your lunch has been eaten, you head to the movie center, recline into a chair and get pulled into the cinematic world. Once the characters and their stories have come to a close, and the screen draws black, you are led back down the winding streets, up five floors and down a long hallway back into Thu’s apartment. Here, a new smell hits your nose the scent of meaty broth and savory seasonings. Thu’s mother stands over the stove, steam rising to her face.  She’s making Pho, a family favorite of salty noodles and stew. After dinner has been eaten, you will relax, letting your worries about the future and the past melt away. 


August 1st, 2019…

Today, Thu and you will begin your adventure back to America, uprooting your lives in search of one seemingly more desirable. You wake up earlier than usual, excitement beaming on your tired face. Soon you are at the airport, so close to beginning a life-changing journey. Once you have made it through rigorous customs screening, you’re aboard a plane, taking you on a 24-hour journey to the place that holds your future. Hours later, the plane lands and you are overtaken by both excitement and drear as the travel as drained the abundance of energy you once had. Thu shows you her new home which is fascinating, containing a garden and multiple sporting courts. After a few days of transition, Thu introduces you to her stepfather and stepsisters, who she now lives with, along with her mother and her brother. Her life, although much different, is still unraveling, just like everyone else.