Coach Connor Thierolf Finds Home At Basehor-Linwood


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

The school has added a new member to their staff this year, Mr. Connor Thierolf, who teaches U.S. Government and Exploring Social Studies. Thierolf is also an assistant football coach. This is Thierolf’s fourth year as a teacher, but his first year at Basehor-Linwood. Thierolf attended Hutchinson Community College and Emporia State University where he earned his teaching degree. 

“I became a teacher because both of my parents are teachers and coaches. Seeing those relationships that my parents built with their kids and community influenced me to want to become a teacher.”said Thierolf. 

He loves working with kids and being able to dedicate his time to spend with them during the school days. Being able to impact not only the kids but the community too has made Thierolf the teacher that he is today. Along with being a teacher, Thierolf also gets the opportunity to be a part of the football coaching staff. 

One thing about Thierolf that makes him a unique teacher is his hair. Often times, you see people who don’t wear a man bun on the top of their head, but Thierolf can make this possible. 

“Each day I simply throw up my hair into a man bun that I wear everyday. I put it up to get it out of my face and so that I can teach for the day. I have been having this hairstyle since 2013,” Thierolf said. 

The opportunity of getting to build relationships with students each day is something that Thierolf looks forward to everyday. The relationships help with the students willingness to learn each and every day. 

“The personal connections that are developed with the kids are one of the most important parts of being a teacher,” said Thierolf. 

Coaching is also a huge part of Thierolf’s life. Without that, teaching wouldn’t be as fun as he would like. The school is welcoming many new teachers to the school as well as many different coaches.