Sadie McWilliams: Powerlifting Champion


Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

Sadie McWilliams is a senior with a goal to be state champion once more. She is already a two-time state champion for the 140 weight class. She took first place in both bench press and hang clean last season. McWilliams is dedicated to powerlifting, but that is only where her ambition starts. 

“I like competing. I’ve always been a very competitive person, and I think it’s a cool way to not only be able to compete and show your skills, but it is also very encouraging. Everyone encourages each other whether or not we win or lose,” McWilliams said. 

McWilliams has been lifting since seventh grade, but didn’t begin powerlifting until her sophomore year of high school. 

“It started off just as summer weights, and then I just liked lifting. I liked feeling strong, and it kind of became just like a hobby of mine. I like to work out a lot now,” McWilliams said.

In order to maintain a high-level performance, McWilliams has to stay consistent to a workout schedule. McWilliams trains four days a week for powerlifting, which includes a lift and a run. She attends a weights class during the day as well, and on top of powerlifting, McWilliams plays volleyball and softball. 

“I like powerlifting because I like the group of people. It’s very diverse, where everyone is involved in different activities. I think that it’s cool that all these people can come together to share a common interest,” McWilliams said. 

McWilliams’ competitive spirit is infectious throughout the weight room.  She continuously pushes herself and her teammates to get better day by day. 

“I think Sadie is a good lifter because she works hard every day. She’s very competitive, so she pushes herself daily to achieve her goals,” powerlifting coach Justin Wieser said.

McWilliams’ goals this season are to set a state record, as well as win state champion for the third time. 

“I am definitely optimistic for the upcoming lifting season. Sadie continues to push herself and get stronger every day. Her work ethic shows, and you can see the results as she increasingly gets stronger. She can definitely work to become the best lifter in her weight class,” Wieser said.

At the first meet of the year, McWilliams hang cleaned 200 pounds, making her only the fifth female in school history and lightest to do so.