Who is Emma Batesel?


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Assistant Editor

During lunch, without fail, junior Emma Batesel will be found at the edge of the sports foyer, her closest friends around her. Grandma’s cookies and circle pizza always sit on her lap. Her hair almost always a different color, ranging from red to purple, and when she feels adventurous, blue. Her fingers and pants constantly having some type of paint splattered and stained on them. Outside of school, she’s the third oldest out of four kids. Her siblings, especially her youngest brother, gives her a competitive push in competition. 

Batesel competes in bass fishing and powerlifting. She constantly wants to beat the other men in the male-dominated sports. Batesel being able to say that when she can catch larger fish and lift heavier weights than the other men competing, it gives her a sense of pride.  Batesel and one of her closest friends, Megan Plum are one of the only girl teams in bass fishing. But overall, Batesel has one common goal for both of her sports, to win a tournament and state championship, and to prove that she isn’t weak. 

Batesels’ friends describe her very simply, a crazy artistic mess. Batesel paints and also does photography. Her inspiration comes from her older sister, and from social media platforms like Instagram. Batesel spends at least 1-2 days a week on painting for hours at a time. But her photography is spontaneous, Batesel finds photography as a way to capture something in the moment and keep it forever. 

For her future, Batesel isn’t sure about college. But, no matter what she does, Batesel knows that art will be a staple in her life. Batesel wants to own her own art studio to sell and make a living off of her art. She also wants to bring awareness and educate people on global issues such as climate change through her art.

Past the splatters of paint, obsession with grandma cookies, and her love for beating boys in the water and in the weight room; Emma Batesel has goals that go past and beyond what she may have done in the past. Batesel has made it clear that she wants to become the person that people look to be inspired.