Logan Lynn: A Step Towards the Future


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Senior Logan Lynn is one of the students who is a part of Basehor- Linwood High School. Lynn’s goal before graduating is to make her mark on the school before she leaves and goes off to college. Lynn is constantly finding ways to improve the overall Basehor community and to be involved with as much as possible. 

“My plan as of now is to major in interior design and to minor in business at Kansas State University.  I have always loved designing different things, so I figured why not combine that with a business,” Lynn said. 

Lynn is not only involved in Green and Gold Threads, but she is also involved in The Den. With being a part of these two student-run businesses, Lynn is able to prepare herself for her possible future pursuing business and eventually interior design. CareCats, Student Council, and Internship are three other things Lynn is involved in.  Being able to have this opportunity in high school is preparing Lynn for college and giving her the knowledge and experience that she feels she needs to take that to the next step in her life. Lynn spends most of her time during the school day focusing on Green and Gold Threads and The Den, leaving little to no time for other extracurriculars. 

“I have always loved business and interior design and what it has to offer, so I decided to give it a try. I am inspired by others that I have been able to work with through internships and to be creative and to be able to show that off as I go through my high school years. Now that this is coming to an end, I am finding ways to improve myself as a person and to be involved with the school,” Lynn said. 

Business and interior design is something Lynn is very passionate about. She feels that being a part of these businesses is a way that she can let her creativity shine. Lynn’s favorite part about being able to contribute to the school is being able to apply what she loves to do the most to both of the student-run businesses. One thing Lynn is excited about is being able to get the opportunities that others may not.  

“I really am just looking forward to the next step in my life. I want to experience new things and make even more memories than I have now. I plan to study abroad and join a sorority while at Kansas State, and I can’t wait for that,” Lynn said. 

Lynn is looking forward to kicking off her career as she goes off to college, and to be able to learn new things and go through different experiences that others may not be able to get the chance to. Either creating her own business in Kansas City or working for a firm, Lynn has two different possible options for what she wants to do with her future. Lynn is looking forward to what her future holds and the different opportunities that she will get to take part in.