One Last Ride For Senior Jaiden Smith


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter


Senior Jaiden Smith is not only a multi-sport athlete, but is also involved in several other extracurriculars. Smith is constantly finding more ways to be involved with the school and making her mark on the school and community one last time before she graduates in May. Smith participated in volleyball and powerlifting for four years and just started her 4th track season. Sports has been a big part of Smith’s life and has made her a strong, outgoing individual that she is to this day. 

“My favorite sport in high school was most definitely powerlifting. It’s the season that has the least amount of drama and it’s the most family-oriented sport. In powerlifting, we truly care about each other and always cheer each other on,” Smith said. 

At the beginning of high school, Smith was a whole different person. She was terrified because she was freakishly strong compared to the other freshman girls. At the start of freshman year, she was self-conscious about who she was, but now, she has overcome this fear. 

“During my first season of powerlifting, I was scared to lift with anyone until I met two different seniors who I still love to this day. They showed me how to break out of this shell that I was stuck in. They showed me what it was like not only being a girl but being a strong girl capable of doing most things in life. Since then, I won’t back down from showing people how strong I am. I am very proud of my strength and encourage other girls to be proud of themselves, too,” Smith said. 

 Not only have other high schoolers motivated her, but her family is one of the biggest motivators that she has had throughout her life. Coming out of her shell was always something Smith was worried about. 

“Coming out of my shell allowed me to be more involved. Over the course of my high school years, I have been involved in Student Council (being the StuCo president for her first year), yearbook Editor-in-Chief for two years, a member of National Honor Society and a CareCat,” Smith said. 

After high school, Smith has a plan for her next step in life. By being involved has prepared Smith for her future as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant after attending Pittsburg State University. Smith’s hope is to study biology with an emphasis in Pre-Med. As she has gone through her high school years Smith has learned a few things in life. 

“You have to stay focused. No matter what you do, stay focused and set goals from the very beginning. Trust what your coaches tell you, learn from the critiques and listen to the upperclassman who has been where you are now. You can’t give up when something goes wrong, keep working and you’ll achieve whatever you put your mind to,” Smith said. 

Smith hopes that she has shown others in the community what it is like to be a leader, a teammate, a student-athlete and overall a good person. She wants to show others what it is like to have struggled at the beginning of freshman year to becoming an incredible student-athlete and leaving her mark on the community.