A Farwell Letter, From Editor-in-Chief Delainey Wilson


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

After three years of being on newspaper staff, the time has come for me to write my last article. I decided a farewell letter would be best, so I could wrap up my feelings about some of the best years of my life.


Being a part of newspaper gave me a sense of belonging, and it has continuously for the last three years. Newspaper meant so much more to me than just working together with my classmates to write stories and compile a newsletter. It gave me a group of people in my life that I could confide in and build close relationships with. 


Being an editor for my senior year made me feel like my hard work had paid off, and that I could hopefully help the rest of the newspaper staff see how fun and rewarding newspaper really is.


I wish I could give my newspaper staff the biggest group hug, and tell them how fun they’ve made my senior year. Every gold day I looked forward to going to newspaper class so I could see them and get to hear everybody’s funny stories and all of the exciting things that were happening in their lives. I hope the rest of my newspaper staff’s high school years treat them well, and that they make memories they can hold onto forever. I can’t wait to see all the big things they do in the future, and where life takes them. Their hard work on our newspaper means so much more to me than I could ever express to them.


Together we created something that I was proud of (even if it felt nobody like nobody ever read our newsletters). I hope that they know how proud I am of all of them.


Mrs. Horn deserves a huge thank you for the many years she’s had to put up with me, and for all the advice she’s given me. She has been somebody that I knew I could trust for the last four years, and was always there for me when I needed her help. 


Newspaper has taught me so many lessons that will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I will be forever thankful for the many memories I’ve created throughout my years on newspaper staff.