Josh Wilcutt- Leaving his Mark on the Mat


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Senior Josh Willcutt wrestled all four years and this year has been listed in the All-Time Kansas State Wrestling Record Book. With Willcutt’s talent, he has received the honor to be listed in the All-Time Kansas State wrestling record book for two different records. Willcutt had 38 pins in the 18-19 season, tying him for 2nd place and 36 pins in the 19-20 season, tying him for 10th place in the state of Kansas. With all his hard work this leaves Willcutt with the Kansas All-Time Top 20 career fall records with a total of 107 career falls (tying him for 13th place). 

“By receiving these awards, it made me feel excited and really good about myself because at that moment I knew that all of my hard work in the practice room and on the mat had paid off and that I had this opportunity to be included in the record books,” Willcutt said. 

Every time Willcutt steps on the mat his number one goal is to pin and dominate his opponent in the fastest time possible. Willcutt spent every day of high school wrestling season after school in the practice room drilling and bettering himself to make him the best that he can be. 

“I have been wrestling since I was six years old and out of my four high school years, I have gotten the chance to go to state twice. During my Junior year, I got injured during the blood rounds and didn’t get the chance to advance onto the next round to punch my ticket to placing. My best year was my Senior year because I placed 6th, and that was my goal my Senior year; was to place,” Willcutt said. 

During the offseason, Willcutt spends his days wrestling four days a week doing Greco and Freestyle. These are different from Folkstyle wrestling which includes some of the best wrestlers in the state of Kansas. By taking part in this, it gives Willcutt the opportunity to learn from these other wrestlers and to make himself better when it comes time to school season. During the summer, Willcutt also takes part in summer strength and conditioning to make himself stronger and faster as an overall athlete. Assistant Wrestling Coach Dalton Inlow had gotten the opportunity to be a part of this journey that Josh has completed all four years Willcutt had been wrestling for Basehor-Linwood High School. 

“Throughout the four years that Josh has wrestled for the school, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of his journey right alongside with him.  Seeing success to any extent as a coach, especially with a kid as passionate as Josh with his athletics feels amazing. Josh is one of the kids that in my five years in the program I have seen grow the most. He was a great example to have in the room, with being a leader is where Josh made significant strides during his career at BLHS, and I am extremely proud of that,” Inlow said. 

Wrestling has been a part of Willcutt’s life ever since he was six years old, and he doesn’t want to let that go just yet. For his future plans, Willcutt is undecided about what college he would like to attend. He has been talking with Ottowa University and Saint Mary’s University but wants to go to a school where he can wrestle and play football.