New Faces and New Routines for BLHS


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

As students, teachers and families take a step into the school year, the staff welcomes new faces of teachers and students. One addition is science teacher Dalton Inlow.  Before Inlow stepped foot in the classroom, he was already a part of the school as an assistant football coach and wrestling coach. Inlow became a coach because of his love and passion for both the game of football and the sport of wrestling.  However, Inlow felt that coaching a couple of nights a week was not enough involvement with student-athletes. 

“With being a football and wrestling coach at BLHS, I love the involvement with student-athletes every day and being able to work with them one-on-one. When it came to the idea of me wanting to become a teacher, I wasn’t content with just coaching a couple of nights of the week for only two hours tops. I wanted to expand my options with being able to interact with the students on the football field and in the classroom as well,” Inlow said. 

Inlow has been a part of the Basehor community since he was little, attending Basehor- Linwood Schools since elementary. Before becoming a coach and teacher, Inlow worked for a company installing office furniture for a couple of years after college. When he saw that there was an opening for a science teacher, he wanted to act on it to increase the amount of time spent with these students on the field and in the classroom as well.

“When I saw that there was an opening for a teaching job, I immediately wanted to act on it. The first day I stepped foot into the school, I could remember sitting in the very same desks of some of the same teachers that students today have, ” Inlow said. 

Becoming a new teacher has enough challenges, but starting during a pandemic brings about even more.

“There are some challenges that I have come upon across the year and one that really stands out to me is not being able to see all my students’ faces at the same time and not being able to have these non-verbal cues. Although, I have found myself liking to interact with each of my students. This has helped me to become very comfortable with each student inside and outside of the classroom via Zoom. One thing that really stands out to me is the bubbly and positive energy from each of the students. Every day each of these students come to my classroom, excited and ready to learn. With great experiences so far this school year, this has given me a look at how the school years to come will be,” Inlow said. 

One thing that has been a struggle for Inlow outside of the classroom is being able to wake up earlier in the mornings. Now that he has two kids at home, five-year-old daughter Addisyn and almost six-month-old baby, Easton, he has to make sure they are cared for before he can start his day in the classroom. With being at school all the time, Inlow is making adjustments in order to care for his two children and teaching students in the classroom.

“However, outside of the classroom, I have two kids at home who needs me just as much as my students do! From making lesson plans to finding out what is for dinner, I have found ways to find time for all of this. At first, I wasn’t sure how to balance all of it, but by keeping an organized schedule and developing a new routine, I have been able to figure this whole parenting and teaching thing out,” Inlow said. 

 From welcoming new faces into the world to welcoming new students into the classroom, Inlow has been making this transition for the 2020- 2021 school year.