Tanner Graf’s Road to Success


Photo Credit: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-chief

Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

Who is Tanner Graf? He’s a sophomore and he can most likely be found scrolling through his phone in class or strolling through the halls in school. He is usually seen in a sweatshirt and soccer sweatpants, along with some Adidas shoes. He is a simple high school kid. Graf gets his work done and likes to be involved in whatever way he can. Even with being super involved, he still makes time for his favorite thing ever, soccer. He almost always has something new to say to crack a joke or show someone a funny TikTok he just found. He is full of laughs and thoroughly enjoys living in the moment. 

Graf is a name to remember. He is a huge part of the soccer team’s success the past two seasons. Tallying three goals and two assists in the regular season, he has played a huge role in leading the team to a 6 win season, which is dramatically better than last season. He says that the high school team can grow and achieve great things, as long as they want to get better every day. With him still being an underclassman, he is only going to keep growing as an athlete and also a person. His goal is to make it to state and, ultimately, win. He fully believes that this year the team has a great chance to do just that.

Graf consistently plays a pivotal role in big games when the team needs him most. Being depended on is one of his strong suits. He learned his ‘never-quit’ attitude from playing club soccer, where playing year-round has made him the player he is. Graf sticks by that, getting better every single day. By doing so, Graf currently has colleges looking at him. He currently has no preference for a college, he just wants to get the best offer from the best possible team. 

Graf’s ambitious attitude is seen by many teammates and coaches. He stays quiet, but sticks to his goals and works toward them every day. He works the hardest whether it’s at passing or shooting. If he isn’t playing video games or hanging out with family, he can be found making a new highlight reel on Hudl. This is where he gets scouts to look at him. Graf looks up to his dad a tremendous amount and he wants to be like him and follow in his footsteps in being a college soccer player. During his weekends, he enjoys going to his sisters’ soccer games, where he can have time to be with his family.

Graf has a promising future ahead of him. He continues to get better every day by working hard at practice, and that is the most important thing in order to be his best version of himself. Graf has fully incorporated soccer into a lifestyle and he only has room to grow from here. He is certainly a reason to come watch soccer next season.