How FCCLA Volunteers To Make A Change


Written by: Maya Serrano, Reporter

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), is a club that offers important skills such as volunteering in the community, creating creative projects and working with others year round. Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher, Megan Marquardt, is the FCCLA instructor.


“FCCLA is typically for the student that wants to be more involved and wants to be a leader [and] who wants additional responsibilities and roles. It is a good way to be a part of the school community for students who are highly motivated. It is perfect for students because it gives them opportunities to give back and volunteer in ways that they maybe wouldn’t be able to.  Along with opportunities [to be] creative, a leader and [to be] competitive,” said Marquardt.


FCCLA hosts events around the school for specific purposes. Some events that they hosted were senior week, a walk to break the silence, the Veteran’s Day celebration and the holiday mart. So next time a fun poster or school event is posted, just know that FCCLA is most likely organizing it. 


“I really loved the Walk to Break the Silence which we did in the Spring of 2019. I saw a huge impact on the community. [It] brought so many community members together here at the high school. That has been one of my favorite projects just because of the impact,” said Marquardt.


FCCLA focuses on building a better and healthier community through fun events. These volunteer events teach students essential life skills and how to take part in their community. It gives students the opportunity to be a part of their school community. 


“I think being a part of your community in many different ways is really important to fostering a good, healthy community. Giving back really helps contribute to the health of the community as a whole. And I think learning the importance of volunteering at a young age is really important to instill,” said Marquardt.


FCCLA participates in many other opportunities along with volunteering such as: STAR events.  STAR events are competitive events that focus on creativity throughout a project. There are many different topics students can choose for their STAR event such as: interior design, baking and pastry and early childhood education. Which leaves a lot of room to find something students are truly interested in and passionate about to make a project over.


“These projects are a good way to compile everything you have been doing into a portfolio or display of some sort and then present it to judges and compete with other people who have done similar projects in hopes of making it to Nationals,” said Marquardt.


FCCLA is a good option for those who are creative and looking to take part in their community, meet new people, and learn important life skills. FCCLA has a lot to offer for anyone throughout the community and is a really good opportunity to give back and help build a healthy environment for the community.