Green and Gold Threads is Changing the Game

Green and Gold Threads is Changing the Game

Written by: Rylee Jones, Reporter

Green and Gold Threads is the school apparel store. What once started as a group of a few students selling shirts at The Den, has now grown into something much bigger. They work to be one of the main sources for gear and apparel at the school and the class is made up of eight students and business teacher Cody Zeigler.


The students in this class have put in overtime in order to make this work by working at games, outside of school, and even coming into school everyday, despite the rest of the student body being remote. In order to be in the class you first need to be in The Den for a semester. The students put in it were all selected for their different capabilities.


Everyday in class, you can see everybody working on something different, like different parts of a machine working towards the same goal. There is no president or overhead power in this class, when it comes to making decisions, there is collaboration. Whether that means arguing for an hour over if sweatpants or joggers are better, or synonymously agreeing on doing a sale. For the most part, the students try to make a positive atmosphere and a welcoming environment. This collaboration has been vital in building this brand.


Green and Gold Threads is it’s own class that has grown and online shop and has apparel sold everyday. The class had brought in about $1,700 per month this quarter. “[The] Kids have done a great job owning and growing Green and Gold Threads. We have grown and developed this business, while adapting to the challenges of COVID. For the most part, students appreciate the opportunity to build a business while in high school. Our team enjoys being around one another, sharing ideas and the process of creating the vision for what GGT is all about,” said Zeigler. A small business called Hometown Anthem Brand has also been a part of helping develop GGT.


Hometown Anthem Brand gave the class Chiefs apparel and more to sell, with the proceeds from those sales going into a scholarship fund. The class also has assisted in fundraising for the manufacturing class, as well as the band. Basehor Nutrition also allowed them to set up off-campus by having an apparel display.


In the midst of this success, the students of Green and Gold Threads are still constantly looking at what’s next and ways to improve. Hopes for the future include larger inventory including more departments, being a one-stop supplier of all Basehor apparel and gifts and possibly creating a storefront. The ambitious nature of the class helped them meet their goals, and they will continue to meet more.